About Us

What we do

NAJ Management is a residential real estate investment company located in Weston, FL.

Our goal is the acquisition of homes, converting them into independent, affordable, off-campus student housing that services the FGCU and FSW community.

Our company often targets distressed homes in need of TLC. We then, work diligently to restore them into safe and desirable residences for students and young professionals alike.

NAJ Management while targeting distressed homes, also provides homeowners the financial benefit to sell an often-labeled “undesirable home” that presents too heavy of a burden for the everyday home buyer.

At NAJ, our acquisition process not only focuses on rehabbing distressed homes and improving the appearance and safety of San Carlos Park; we are also assisting homeowners to solve their financial hardships by selling us their homes for a fair price with quick closing times.

NAJ only works with licensed contractors, and we pride ourselves in doing all the work in accordance to city codes by requesting every necessary permit and following all the required regulations.

Company History

Founded in 2012, NAJ Management has grown exponentially every year since then.

We have acquired over 30 homes since inception.

NAJ was founded in the belief of hard work, paying attention to details and surrounding ourselves with good people to provide the community with a product that has merit to fulfill the need of students, parents, and young professionals alike.

We credit our success thus far to educating ourselves about the processes of real estate and about our market demographics and business.

As our company began expanding, we were able to employ top notch contractors to tackle our renovations. Furthermore, we have amazing project managers, whom oversee the processes in detail enabling us to keep our costs low and our property rentals more affordable for our tenants.

While we currently focus on providing excellent service to our tenants in San Carlos Park, our main goal is to expand the portfolio of properties we own so we can continue offering affordable, quality housing to the FGCU and FSW community.

To have a more in-depth look at the property rentals we offer and what we do, visit our Properties here.

Why choose NAJ Management?

We offer many amenities to ensure the comfort and convenience of our tenants.

We want to provide our tenants the time and freedom to focus on building their lives; while we take care of their housing needs.

Students and young professionals alike are looking for private, independent living solutions that will not burn a hole in their pockets. At NAJ Management, we offer affordable housing solutions that meet the needs for privacy, independence and quality of service that they are looking for.

Not only do we provide maintenance on our newly-renovated properties, most of our housing rentals are pet-friendly (to both cats and dogs) and come equipped with the following amenities as well:


  • Central-cooling
  • Private back-yard space
  • Newly renovated interiors
  • Convenient parking locations
  • Washer & Dryer
  • Refrigerator
  • Microwave
  • Dishwasher

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PHONE: +1 (954) 684-7551 / +1 (954) 257-3908
FAX: (954) 256-5086

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